The SOFT SHELL fabric, thanks to its thermal and elastic properties, allows for wearing fewer layers, promoting movement. Key advantages include thermal protection with an interior made of polar fleece that is warm and breathable, durability with high resistance to friction, elasticity as it's made with 6% elastane, and water resistance due to the excellent finish of the outer fabric that provides water resistance and repellency. Additionally, it is lightweight and reduces bulk, allowing you to eliminate some of the garments you typically wear. It also has a windproof effect with laminated membranes between the windproof fabric layers, and these membranes are obtained from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.
Mount Tex
These are fabrics to which a laminated membrane is added to the outer fabric, resulting in an exceptional textile due to its performance. It will always be accompanied by heat-sealed seams to guarantee waterproofing. The membrane is composed of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and offers the following features: waterproofness, breathability, windproof capability, and durability. Its technical specifications include a nanoporous structure and a water column rating of over 5,000 mm, as well as a breathability rating of approximately 5,000 g/sqm/24h.
Mount Stretch
It protects you from water in any state. A prepared fabric in order that an adverse climate does not stop your plans. Allow the exit of the corporal steam, helping to the body to remain dry and warm. It’s elastic for improved body adaptation.
Mount Loft
Mount-Loft is an innovative component thermal insulation that provides warmth and comfort thanks to its lightness. It’s ideal for outdoor exercise and also like urban clothes in the coldest days.
Sweat, the vapor of body moisture passes through the fabric. The outer surface pulls sweat from the fabric and spreads it out to provide maximum evaporation. The inner surface remains dry and comfortable next to the skin.
Polar Stretch
These bi-elastic, breathable fabrics have two layers: a durable, wind-resistant outer layer and a comfortable, warm inner layer that wicks sweat away. They're perfect for fitness and outdoor sports, featuring bi-elastic fabric that moves with you, excellent breathability for quick sweat evaporation, and a cozy brushed inner layer that retains body heat. The outer layer provides wind and friction resistance.
Thermal Dry
It breathes, allowing moisture vapor from the body to pass through the fabric. The outer surface pulls sweat away from the fabric and spreads it over itself for maximum evaporation. The inner surface stays dry and comfortable next to the skin.
Wind-resistant and breathable. Excellent.
Cool Speed
COOLSPEED is the new and comfortable material designed to enhance your performance during physical activity by absorbing sweat and transferring it to the surface of the garment where it easily evaporates, thanks to the multi-channel fabric.
Xtra Thermic
XTRA TERMIC is a new fabric created for high thermal protection that is much lighter. We recommend its use for first-layer outerwear garments.
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